Alexa Chung Makes A Chic Case For A Velvet Blazer

Le Fashion Blog Lfw Street Style Alexa Chung Black Velvet Blazer Cream Cami High Wasted Jeans Via Refinery29
Photo via: Refinery29

We can always count on Alexa Chung to serve up some killer street style with British flare. Her chic velvet blazer with a flower pin looks crazy cool paired with her cute tucked in cami and high-waisted jeans.

Get the look:
+ Caroline Alexander Flower Brooch
MiH Jeans Velvet Blazer (also here)
+ Talbots Winter Velvet Blazer
+ One By Cami NYC Camisole
+ Steven Alan Cropped Straight Jeans


  1. A perfect combo and I love the flower brooch.

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    lblc style blog

  2. She does it again! I should get a velvet blazer x

    Wonky Lauren

  3. Great!


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