This 1930's Outfit Looks Like It Could Have Been Shot Yesterday

Le Fashion Blog 1930s Style Inspiration Joan Bennett Round Sunglasses Pearl Necklace Paper Bag Waist Pants Platforms Vintage Fashion
Photo via: Giant Pants of the '30s

Super inspired by this photo of actress Joan Bennett from the 1930's that looks like it could have just been shot yesterday! Bennett's outfit feels super current with her cool round sunglasses, a basic black top, statement pearl necklace, belted paper bag waist wide-legs, platforms, and simple bracelets. We definitely will be keeping this look in mind for fall.

Get the look:
+ Wildfox Ryder Sunglasses
+ Cristabelle Faux Pearl Necklace
+ Frame Easy Tee
+ Paisie Wide Leg Trousers
+ ASOS Wide Leg Pants


  1. LOVE! the cap is also great!

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