How To Wear An All-Black Look Like A French Editor

Le Fashion Blog Fall Editor Style Emmanuelle Alt All Black Look Button Down Shirt Bracelets Cropped Flare Raw Hem Jeans Leather Slingback Heels Via The Outfit
Photo via: The Outfit

Emmanuelle Alt was snapped in an effortless all-black look and we're obviously taking notes. The Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris dons Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses with a utility button-down shirt, flared cropped raw-hem black jeans, and classic slingback heels.

Get the look:
+ Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses
+ Equipment Signature Blouse
+ Express Hi-Lo Military Pocket Shirt
+ Rag & Bone/Jean Crop Flare Jeans
+ Trotters Prima Slingback Pump


  1. On point!


  2. I really like this total black outfit!

    Mireia from TGL

  3. Great look! Love the pants and the shoes!

  4. Love the pants and heels - great look!

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