15 Spring Sweaters To Update Your Wardrobe

Le Fashion Blog Best Spring Sweaters Preen Pink Cutout Sweater Via Shopbop
Photo via: Shopbop

When thinking of a sweater, you might be picturing thick, cable knit and cashmere but Spring sweaters are made of breathable, loose fabrics like cotton and merino. The Spring requires a totally new type of layering, one that involves wearing a light jacket in the morning and sliding it off midday to reveal the perfect Spring knitwear. They look best when paired with a printed skirt, high waisted jeans, lightweight trousers or trench coats. In honor of the warmer weather, here are 15 of the best Spring sweaters you can find right now.

Get the look:


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  2. Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  3. Great picks, I especially love the back tie sweater <3


  4. Pinker ... here are 15 of the best Spring sweaters you can find right now. ford focus


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