Turtleneck Sweaters to Live in This Season

Le Fashion Blog Shop The Best Turtlenecks Out Right Now Via Vogue Uk
Photo via: Vogue UK

For those who say it's too tricky to stay warm and look chic, they obviously don't give enough credit to turtleneck sweaters. Turtleneck styles come in any shape, size, and length. Lately, they've been adorned with embellishments, fringe or are super cropped. They're ideal for all fall activities like apple picking, festivals, and other outside activities where you need to keep cozy. Style them with midi skirts, jeans or leather pants–either way, you style one, it's bound to exude sophistication.


  1. Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  2. Agreed! I've already bought a bunch of turtlenecks! Now just waiting for fall to come so I can wear them:)

  3. Fantastics recommendations,I love turtlenecks
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