first i just wanted to show you guys the givenchy nightingale ♥
it finally came and i ♥ ♥ ♥ it!
thank you guys for ALL your help in finding it!!

it was hard to be answering all these questions about myself. ahhh!
here goes...

what's your name? where in ny do you live?

my name is jenn and i live in brooklyn, ny.

how old are you? Do you have kids?

i am 24 and have NO kids.

do you speak any other languages?

yes, spanish fluently and french at an intermediate level.

what’s your nationality??

i am colombian/american. my mother is colombian and my father is american.

what do you go to school for?

i go to grad school for psychological counseling.

what’s your own personal style like?

classic basics. colors grey, black, white, navy. mainly tees and jeans. i use accessories to liven the look. I love the idea of having a simple classic wardrobe, only adding a few pieces a year and adding a lot to my accessories every year. I wear a lot of scarfs year round, but lightweight in the warm months.

how the hell you afford the things you buy?

um. i prefer not to talk money.

what do you do for work?

i am currently in grad school. i just started, but before that i was working as an ABA (applied behavioral analysis) therapist. i was working one-on-one with autistic toddlers.

i just want to ask, who is your favorite designer?

hard question. um...i will name a few. stella mccartney, rick owens, lanvin, balenciaga, givenchy, chloƩ + ysl

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