ph: my own

as some of you you may remember from my last glasses post, i had been asked to be a LENSCRAFTERS ambassador + was invited to one of their stores here in NYC! when i arrived,
i had a quick eye exam where i got to see 3D images of my eyes- i'm a nerd + loved it!
i then had a fabulous time checking out their amazing selection ♥

the best part of my visit, was finding out that they could turn any sunglasses into regular glasses by switching the dark lenses with your clear prescription! this opened up a whole new world of options + i ended up with a whole tray of sunnies to consider. my top choice ended up being some gorgeous thick-framed ombré PRADA sunglasses that were turned into regular glasses for me.
they were then fitted perfectly to my face with LENSCRAFTERS ACCUFIT system, which was a godsend since one of my ears is a little higher that the other lol.

anyway, i had a great time + needless to say, i ♥ my new glasses!

ps- if you're looking for a pair, now is the perfect time to shop the semi-annual lens event!