LE FASHION OUTFIT COLLAGE NORDSTROM SAVVY Mural Cheetah Top ANIMAL LEOPARD PRINT TEE TSHIRT Quay Kitti CAT EYE Sunglasses Carbon Copy GOLD Safety Pin Earrings Leith BLACK Woven Track Pants WITH ANKLE ZIPPERS Topshop Medium Faux Leather Bowling Bag WITH CHAIN STRAP MSALL DUFFLE BAG Leith Pave Arrow Bangle Leith  GOLD AND SILVER Arrow Bangle Nordstrom Nail Color in BURGUNDY French Wine Steve Madden Realove Pumps HEELED SANDALS BLACK SUEDE AND GOLD TOE STRAP SUMMER SPRING INSPIRATION photo LEFASHIONOUTFITCOLLAGENORDSTROMSAVVYMuralTopQuaySunglassesCarbonCopyEarringsLeithTrackPantsTopshopBagLeithBanglesNordstromNailColorSteve.jpg

I put this look together with some of my top Savvy picks from Nordstrom. As soon as I saw the cheetah print top, I knew I wanted to build a look around it. I'm crushing on so many goodies from the Savvy department, so it was hard to focus on creating just one look. All the pieces there are on-trend and under $100, from brands like MinkPink, ASTR, Mural, Wayf and more.

1. Mural Cheetah Top
2. Quay Kitti Sunglasses
3. Carbon Copy Safety Pin Earrings
4. Leith Woven Track Pants
5. Topshop Medium Faux Leather Bowling Bag
6. Leith Pavé Arrow Bangle
7. Leith Arrow Bangle
8. Nordstrom Nail Color in French Wine
9. Steve Madden Realove Pumps

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Nordstrom. The opinions, as always, are my own.