Le Fashion Blog 5 Things Felicity Jones Vogue-UK Meet Miss Jones April 2014 Retro Hair Beauty Shaggy Bangs Blue Coat Pink Lips1 photo Le-Fashion-Blog-5-Things-Felicity-Jones-Vogue-UK-Meet-Miss-Jones-April-2014-1.jpg
Le Fashion Blog 5 Things Eclectic Madrid Bedroom Print Mix April 2014 Baja Striped Pillow Polka Dot Print Throw Pillows Floral Throw Blanket Wood Metal Side Table Nightstand Framed Photo Of Paris Eiffel Tower Fresh Flowers 2 photo Le-Fashion-Blog-5-Things-Eclectic-Madrid-Bedroom-Print-Mix-April-2014-2.jpg
Le Fashion Blog 5 Things Mooki Street Style Cat Illustrations Miroslava Duma April 2014 Fashion Related Art 3 photo Le-Fashion-Blog-5-Things-Mooki-Street-Style-Cat-Illustrations-Miroslava-Duma-April-2014-3.jpg
Le Fashion Blog 5 Things Clover Canyon Woven Print Sheer Organza Dress April 2014 Futuristic Sheer Oversized Dress 4 photo Le-Fashion-Blog-5-Things-Clover-Canyon-Woven-Print-Sheer-Organza-Dress-April-2014-4.jpg
Le Fashion Blog 5 Things Music Sohn Things Tremors Album Cover April 2014 5 photo Le-Fashion-Blog-5-Things-Music-Sohn-Things-Tremors-Album-Cover-April-2014-5.jpg
Photos via: Vogue UK | ArchPart | Mooki | Shopbop | Radio Spin

5 things that caught my eye this week...

+ Meet Miss Jones: Gorgeous shot of actress Felicity Jones with retro hair and beauty.

+ Eclectic Bedroom In Madrid: So down with the print mix happening here.

+ Mooki: Too cute! Love these kitty-fied street style illustrations.

+ Clover Canyon Woven Organza Dress: Can't get enough of the sheer futuristic feel of this dress.

+ SOHN 'Tremors': Just found out about this album and already dying to hear more. Out Tuesday!

Happy Weekend!