Le Fashion Blog 3 Manicures To Try Now Pink Metallic Tip French Manicure Via Harpers Bazaar Hot Tips Nail Art 2014 photo Le-Fashion-Blog-3-Manicures-To-Try-Now-Pink-Metallic-Tip-French-Manicure-Via-Harpers-Bazaar.jpg
Le Fashion Blog 3 Manicures To Try Now Nude Red Moon Retro Nails Via Harpers Bazaar Inner Circle Nail Art 2014 photo Le-Fashion-Blog-3-Manicures-To-Try-Now-Nude-Red-Moon-Retro-Nails-Via-Harpers-Bazaar.jpg
Le Fashion Blog 3 Manicures To Try Now Green White Moon Nails Via Harpers Bazaar Border Line Nail Art 2014 photo Le-Fashion-Blog-3-Manicures-To-Try-Now-Green-White-Moon-Nails-Via-Harpers-Bazaar.jpg
Photos via: Harper's Bazaar

I'm always on the hunt for new manicure inspiration and these three nail looks caught my eye. I like to keep it simple, so my favorite of the three is the pale pink and metallic tip take on the french manicure. Get all the how-to details for each nail look here.

Get the look: