Caroline Ventura | Everlane Chunky Knit Collection

Le Fashion Blog -- Everlane Chunky Knit Collection -- Caroline Ventura With Ombre Pink Wavy Bob Haircut, Brvtvs Earrings and Grey Cardigan --  photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Everlane-Chunky-Knit-Collection-Caroline-Ventura-Wavy-Bob-Ombre-Pink-Hair-Brvtvs-Earrings-Grey-Cardigan-2.png
Le Fashion Blog -- Everlane Chunky Knit Collection -- With Ombre Pink Wavy Bob Haircut -- Sleeveless Turtleneck, Raglan & Cardigan Knits -- photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Everlane-Chunky-Knit-Collection-Caroline-Ventura-Wavy-Bob-Ombre-Pink-Hair-Sleeveless-Turtleneck-Raglan-Cardigan.png

Everlane is on a roll. First, the release of their Modern Loafer and now their Chunky Knit collection. Even better, we get to see the cozy knits modeled by pink ombré-haired beauty/jewelry designer/muse Caroline Ventura.

Sleeveless, raglan or the cardigan... Or all three? Check out the full Chunky Knit collection.
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