Jewelry Crush: Delicate Necklaces

Le Fashion Blog Jewelry Crush -- Dogeared Delicate Necklaces -- Balance Bar Necklace, Karma Necklace, Cable Knit Sweater & Leather Moto Jacket -- Via Colby Milano of Moeh Fashion -- photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Jewelry-Crush-Delicate-Necklaces-Dogeared-Balance-Bar-Karma-Cable-Knit-Leather-Jacket-Via-Colby-Milano-Moeh-Fashion.jpg
Le Fashion Blog Jewelry Crush -- Dogeared Dainty Delicate Karma Charm Necklace & Striped Shirt -- Via Colby Milano of Moeh Fashion -- photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Jewelry-Crush-Dainty-Delicate-Necklaces-Dogeared-Karma-Charm-Necklace-Striped-Shirt-Via-Colby-Milano-Moeh-Fashion.jpg
Photos via: Colby Milano

I came across these instagram shots of Colby Milano from Moeh Fashion and fell in love with her delicate necklaces. They look great paired with the cable knit sweater and striped shirt.

Get the look:
+ Dogeared Karma Sparkle Boxed Pendant Necklace
+ Dogeared Balance Bar Necklace
+ BB Dakota Bettina Leather Jacket
+ 525 America Traveling Cable Knit Sweater
+ Dogeared Karma Boxed Charm Necklace
+ Weekday Striped Shirt With Step Hem