L.A. Casual | Anine Bing

Le Fashion Blog LA Casual Anine Bing Linen Tshirt Chain Crossbody Bag Bracelets Ripped Knee Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans Black Heels photo Le-Fashion-Blog-LA-Casual-Anine-Bing-Linen-Tshirt-Chain-Crossbody-Bag-Bracelets-Skinny-Ankle-Zip-Jeans-Black-Heels.jpg
Le Fashion Blog LA Casual Anine Bing Sunglasses Linen Pocket Tee Dainty Necklaces Rings Bracelets Mini Crossbody Chain Bag Jeans photo Le-Fashion-Blog-LA-Casual-Anine-Bing-Sunglasses-Linen-Pocket-Tee-Dainty-Necklaces-Rings-Bracelets-Mini-Crossbody-Chain-Bag-Jeans.jpg
Photos: Anine's World

These shots of Anine Bing in a casual tee and jeans in Los Angeles have me wishing for a sunnier and warmer Christmas for once. On a side note, how awesome is it that she's wearing her own designs from head-to-toe?

Get the look:
+ Paris Sunglasses
+ V-neck Linen T-shirt
+ Crossbody Wallet with Gold Accents
+ Rings, Bracelets and Necklaces
+ Cropped Jeans with Slit
+ Neiman Marcus Quilted Cap-Toe Pump