Hair Inspiration: Half + Half Braided Ponytail

Le Fashion Blog Hair Inspiration Half And Half Wavy Braided Ponytail Brown Textured Knit Via Camilla Pihl photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Hair-Inspiration-Half-And-Half-Textured-Braided-Ponytail-Tan-Ribbed-Sweater-Via-Camilla-Pihl.jpg
Le Fashion Blog Hair Inspiration Half And Half Textured Braided Ponytail Tan Ribbed Sweater Via Camilla Pihl photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Hair-Inspiration-Half-And-Half-Wavy-Braided-Ponytail-Brown-Textured-Knit-Via-Camilla-Pihl.jpg
Photos via: Camilla Pihl

First Camilla inspired me with her low messy bun, and now I can't wait for my hair to get long enough to try this beautiful half and half braided ponytail.

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