A Sneak Peek At My New Apartment In LA

Le Fashion Blog LA Apartment Instagram Living Room 1930s Parisian Design Crown Moldings Big Windows Dark Wood Floors photo Le-Fashion-Blog-LA-Apartment-Instagram-Living-Room-1930s-Parisian-Design-Crown-Moldings-Big-Windows-Dark-Wood-Floors.jpg
+ A view of the living room. Crazy for all this light!

Le Fashion Blog LA Apartment Instagram Faded Overdyed Neutral Cream Pink Turkish Rug Nude Heels photo Le-Fashion-Blog-LA-Apartment-Instagram-Faded-Overdyed-Neutral-Cream-Pink-Turkish-Rug-Nude-Heels.jpg
+ Found this beautiful faded rug from Unique Rug Store on Etsy.

Le Fashion Blog LA Apartment Instagram Stylish Fashionabe Litter Box Modkat Exotic Shorthair Cat Sheepskin Rug photo Le-Fashion-Blog-LA-Apartment-Instagram-Stylish-Fashionabe-Litter-Box-Modkat-Exotic-Shorthair-Cat-Sheepskin-Rug.jpg
+ Finally found a litter box that's not hideous. This sleek one is from ModKat.

Le Fashion Blog LA Apartment Instagram Neutral Perennials Fabric Swatches photo Le-Fashion-Blog-LA-Apartment-Instagram-Neutral-Perennials-Fabric-Swatches.jpg
+ Neutral fabric swatches I was considering for the sofa. Went with a bright white.

Le Fashion Blog LA Apartment Instagram Faded Overdyed Neutral Cream Pink Turkish Rug Brussels Griffon Yorkie Dog photo Le-Fashion-Blog-LA-Apartment-Instagram-Faded-Overdyed-Neutral-Cream-Pink-Turkish-Rug-Brussels-Griffon-Yorkie-Dog.jpg
+ A plus of having a light colored rug with pets is that the fur doesn't stand out as much!

Le Fashion Blog Instagram Mid Century Console Kartell Clear Marie Chair Mansur Gavriel Bag Kate Moss Supreme Poster photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Instagram-Mid-Century-Console-Kartell-Clear-Marie-Chair-Mansur-Gavriel-Bag-Kate-Moss-Supreme-Poster.jpg
+ Scored this mid-century piece from Good Bones Vintage. More details below...

Le Fashion Blog LA Apartment Instagram Black Everlane Loafers Affordable Striped Black White Woven Rug photo Le-Fashion-Blog-LA-Apartment-Instagram-Black-Everlane-Loafers-Affordable-Striped-Black-White-Woven-Rug.jpg
+ New Everlane loafers and a new striped rug from Urban Outfitters.

As some of you may know, I recently made the move from NYC to LA and am finally starting to get my new apartment together. My fiancé and I decided to start with a blank slate design-wise, so we've been on the hunt for new pieces. Here's a sneak peek at how thing's are coming along. Be on the look out for more soon!

Get the look:

Photos via: My Instagram