Model-Off-Duty Style: Get Gigi Hadid's Cool White Jumpsuit Look

Le Fashion Blog How To Wear A White Jumpsuit Model Off Duty Style Gigi Hadid Top Knot Mini Bag Lace Up Sandals Via Popsugar photo Le-Fashion-Blog-How-To-Wear-A-White-Jumpsuit-Model-Off-Duty-Style-Gigi-Hadid-Top-Knot-Mini-Bag-Lace-Up-Sandals-Via-Popsugar.jpg
Le Fashion Blog White Jumpsuit Model Off Duty Street Style Gigi Hadid Top Knot Flat Black  Lace Up Sandals Via Laura Thompson photo Le-Fashion-Blog-White-Jumpsuit-Model-Off-Duty-Street-Style-Gigi-Hadid-Top-Knot-Flat-Black--Lace-Up-Sandals-Via-Laura-Thompson.jpg
Photos via: Popsugar | Laura Thompson

It-model Gigi Hadid shows us a cool (and easy!) way to wear a white jumpsuit.

Get the look:
+ Vero Moda Jumpsuit
+ Bing Bang x UO Leather Crossbody Bag
+ Free People Harpoon Wrap Sandal