How To Dress Like Carrie Bradshaw Now

Le Fashion Blog Dress Like Carrie Bradshaw Red Jacket Pink Shirt Rainbow Stripe Skirt Via Marie Claire
Photo via: Marie Claire

Is there another character existing that taught us as much about style as Carrie Bradshaw? Probably not. She totally changed the game of fashion: she set no rules for herself, somehow made tutus work, played with femininity and wasn't afraid to dive head first into menswear. And that's why we will forever have her in our hearts and minds. There are a few rules to dressing like this smoking, hopeless romantic tv star and the first one is, there are no boundaries to be set. Below, check out some of the biggest lessons Carrie taught us about style. To see the rest of the rules, head to We're Not Exclusive.

1. Don't be afraid to mismatch prints!
2. Add interest and detail to a basic dress by belting it.
3. The more color the better.
4. A feminine piece goes a long way.
5. Heading to a party? Then you need sequins.

Get the look:
+ Gucci Pussybow Silk Chiffon Blouse
+ Cece Halterneck Top
+ Gucci Ruffle Trim Silk Blend Jacket
+ Alice + Olivia Nikola Poplin Midi Skirt
+ Tom Ford D'Orsay Two-Tone Leather Pumps