Blogger Style: A Twist On The Classics

Le Fashion Blog Oversized Blazer White T Shirt Black Distressed Skinny Jeans Bucket Bag Zebra Print Slide On Mules Via Fashion Me Now Le Fashion Blog Lucy Williams Blazer White Shirt Distressed Jeans Zebra Loafers Via Fashion Me Now photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Lucy-Williams-Blazer-White-Shirt-Distressed-Jeans-Zebra-Loafers-Via-Fashion-Me-Now.jpg
Photos via: Fashion Me Now

When a look is this easy and this chic, it has to be shared. One of our favorite fashion bloggers did a twist on a classic outfit. Instead of a basic blazer, blue jeans and loafers, she opted for an undone, oversized blazer, black distressed jeans and zebra printed mules. The icing to her outfit cake is definitely the IT bag of now; the ring-handle bucket bag.