A Cool Way To Style Cut-Off Denim Shorts

Le Fashion Blog Black Hat Black Frayed Sweater Vintage Levi Denim Cut Offs Black Strappy Sandals Via Mijaflatau Le Fashion Blog Black Straw Hat Black Raw Hem Sweater Denim Cut Offs Via Mijaflatau
Photos via: Mija

Denim cut-offs are a classic summer item. Besides a bikini and sandals, it's a must have for everyday life during the heated seasons. This blogger offered us a cool and laid-back way to style hers. She opted for a black hat, black frayed top, vintage Levi shorts, and strappy black sandals. We're loving this look.

Get the look:
+ Janessa Leone Black Straw Hat
+ Andorine Frayed Edge Sweater
+ 27 Miles Malibu Bale Boyfriend Sweater
+ Vintage Levi 501 Shorts
+ JAGGAR Pave Sandal in Black