Aimee Song Shows Us How to Elevate Straight Leg Jeans

Le Fashion Blog Aimee Song Statement Floral Ruffled Yellow Blouse Straight Cropped Jeans Ruffled Velvet Heels Via Song Of Style
Photo via: Song of Style

In a heartwarming and honest post recently created by Aimee Song, we were given some life inspiration while absorbing the fantastic outfit pictured with it. Instead of picking a simple blouse and heels, she opted for a printed yellow, ruffled top and a pair of luscious, pink velvet heels.

Get the look:
+ Icons Ruffled Floral Wrap Top
+ Hinge Print Cascade Ruffle Top
+ GRLFRND Maran Distressed Straight-Leg Jeans
+ Warehouse Authentic Cut Straight Leg Jeans
+ Klub Nico Arlow Sandal