9 Pieces to Elevate Your Layering This Season

9 Pieces to Elevate Your Layering This Season
Photo via: Collage Vintage

With temperatures dipping into the lowest of the lows and with snow underneath our feet, it's time to bring our layered looks to the next level. Gone are the days where a simple doubling up of sweaters will suffice; we're in need of heavy duty backups. Fashion enthusiasts all over the world face this dilemma every winter, and every year we become more and more creative with our layering techniques. The key to fashionable winter outfits is to bundle up with these 9 key items:

1. Turtlenecks
2. Faux Fur Scarves
3. Ponchos
4. Leggings
5. Sweaterdresses
6. Hoodies
7. Long Sleeved T-Shirts
8. Embellished Socks
9. Cardigans

All 9 of these pieces can be doubled up, layered over one another, or worn under a heavy winter coat. Fashionistas rejoice, we've got you covered.