How to Bring Your Sweaterdress to the Next Level This Season

How to Wear a Sweaterdress for Fall and Winter — Tan Under $100 Sweater Dress, Black Sunglasses, Black Loewe Mini Bag, and Black Croc-Embossed Knee-High-Boots

One piece I reach for as soon as cold weather hits is a sweaterdress. This fall and winter, you can bring your favorite classic knit dresses to the next level with the help of a pair of cool black sunglasses, multiple hoop earrings, a timeless black mini bag, and statement croc-embossed black knee-high boots. Major plus? The outfit idea is super easy to pull off and the tan sweaterdress is under $100.

1. Mango Fine Knitted Dress
2. Balenciaga Rim Square Shape Sunglasses
3. SHASHI Tripl├Ęs Hoops
4. Loewe Heel Small Leather Shoulder Bag
5. Schutz Analeah Pointed Toe Knee High Boot