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I Could Live In This Cool Denim Outfit Idea

Cool Denim Outfit Idea for Summer Under $50 HM Minimalist Black Top With Wide Sleeves, AGOLDE 90s Straight Leg Jeans, Dragon Diffusion Tote Bag, Jill Sander Mule Sandals, Maria Black Earring, Chimi Sunglasses, and Make Beauty

I am a sucker for great jeans no matter the season, so needless to say, I could totally live in this cool denim outfit idea. To get the look you'll need a minimalist black top with wide sleeves, cool black sunglasses, a statement hoop earring, classic woven tote bag, statement mule sandals, and a cool lip color. Shop every piece of the outfit below.

1. H&M V-Neck Blouse
2. Chimi 09 Sunglasses
3. Maria Black Sienna Single Layered Hoop Earring
4. Dragon Diffusion Grace Double Jump Small Woven-Leather Basket Bag
5. MAKE Beauty Serum Balm Intense Pigmented Lip Emollient
6. AGOLDE '90s Pinch High Waist Straight Leg Organic Cotton Jeans (also here)
7. Jil Sander Tripon Leather Mule Sandals