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23 Oversized Scarves to Complete Your Winter Outfits

23 Oversized Scarves For Winter Outfit — Hannah Crosskey Instagram Style In a Camel Tan Blanket Scarf, White Sweater, White Denim and Lace Up Boots
Photo via: @hannahcrosskey

One stylish way to elevate your winter outfits (plus add some warmth) is with an oversized scarf. The cold-weather accessory has rightfully been referred to as a blanket scarf and can be worn with just about any look. Shop 23 of my top picks this season below.


You Can Wear This Cold-Weather Outfit Anywhere

Cropped Jeans Socks And Loafers Winter Outfit Idea
Photo via: @lindseyholland

We love a simple cold-weather outfit that causes no-fuss yet still looks put together, and that's why we find inspiration in Lindsey Holland. The style star and influencer knows how to create a wardrobe of staple, cool-girl pieces, and this outfit makes the case for basics. A blanket scarf (in an oatmeal hue) sets the foundation, while the simple long-sleeve t-shirt and blue jeans add a casual appeal. Add an oversized tote and shiny leather loafers to complete this winter look.


We Love This Easy Puffer Coat Outfit

How To Style A Puffer Coat — @basicstouch in stylish winter outfit idea
Photo via: @basicstouch

There's nothing more we love than a winter outfit that is inspirational yet easy to re-create within our own wardrobes. Aïda (the queen of french minimalist style) often provides us with bookmark-able looks that pack a punch. She paired her warm, long puffer coat with a camel-colored scarf for a neutral pop of color, then added patent leather combat boots for texture, her favorite sunglasses, and a black knit beanie. All warm, all stylish.