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25 Khaki Pieces for a Spring Refresh

25 Khaki Pieces for a Spring Refresh
Photo via: Harper's Bazaar

At one point, khaki colors were exclusive to substitute teachers and ill-dressed Wall Street executives. The wave of trends have revitalized a plethora of "ugly" pieces we're obsessing over. Enter: khaki pieces like these on Tamu McPherson. It's a muted kind-of-brown that pairs well with brights, bold prints and pastels alike. Ahead, shop 25 khaki pieces—from button-down shirts to cropped trousers—for a spring reset.


Tamu Makes Us Want All These Perfect Plaid Coats

Tamu Makes Us Want All These Perfect Plaid Coats
Photo via: @tamumcpherson

Wool coats are chic, and longline blazers are essential while leather jackets are common and puffer coats are needed come snow and rain. In order to add some variety to your wardrobe this season, opt for traditional plaid. It's a timeless print that comes in varying shapes and lengths, like the long classic version Tamu McPherson is wearing. Ahead, shop our favorite plaid coats of the season.


25 Faux Fur Jackets That Aren't Black or Brown

25 Best Bright Faux Fur Coats for Fall and Winter – Tamu McPherson Street Style
Photo via: Vogue

Let's face it: we all get stuck in a styling rut. The most common (and pairable) faux fur coats come in deep browns, camels and rich black hues, but that can get a bit repetitive, especially if you're a true fashion lover. For winter this year, stock up on something a bit brighter. Some of the coolest coats of now come in pinks, reds, vivid blues, and seafoam greens. Shop our favorite bright faux furs below.


The Street Style Way to Wear Oversized Separates

The Street Style Way To Wear Oversized Separates
Photo via: Style Du Monde

Wearing exaggerated silhouettes may seem like an impossible feat, but with New York fashion week inspiration from style icon Tamu McPherson, anything is possible. To keep things proportioned, make sure your coat is longer than your sweater, and make sure the sweater covers the top of the thigh for balance. All you'll need is your favorite trench, turtleneck and wide-leg trousers in varying shades of brown.


Must-Have: Wide Leg White Trousers

Le Fashion Blog Tamu Mcpherson Shop Wide Leg White Trousers Denim For Spring Via Alltheprettybirds Instagram
Photo via: @alltheprettybirds

If there's one thing style icon and all-around creative connoisseur Tamu McPherson taught us, it's that the bigger the pant leg, the better the outcome. While things may be going back to the skinnier side when it comes to denim, we're still serious fans of the ultra-wide-leg trousers, especially in white. Shop these refreshing spring picks and allow yourself to feel like the ultimate influencer.