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Kendall Jenner's Cold-Weather Outfit Is Winter Perfect

Kendal Jenner Winter Outfit Idea
Photo via: Who What Wear

We're always looking for new ways to re-style our cold-weather outfits, and it can be tricky. We get lost in the same carousel of simple turtlenecks and denim, forgetting what style is and how to wear new things. Never fear; Kendall Jenner is here. The style star stepped out (protected, of course) with a camel coat, creamy turtleneck, and shiny black high-rise trousers. Add a pair of cool sneakers and you're all set.


These Off-The-Shoulder Sweaters Are a Must-Have

25 Best Off The Shoulder Sweaters For Winter
Photo via: Fashionista

Obviously, during the colder months, sweaters are essential, but we found the best knitwear piece that adds interest without sacrificing warmth and coziness: the off-the-shoulder sweater. These knits feature unique details that make them pop but still cover the parts you'd like them to cover. They come in neutrals, brights, asymmetric silhouettes, and even cropped styles; and they all bear a sultry d├ęcolletage, or necklace layering opportunity. Ahead, the chicest off-the-shoulder pieces to wear until spring.