Must-Have: The Adidas Track Suit

Le Fashion Blog 90s Style Afw Street Style Cat Eye Sunglasses Adidas Track Suit Sheer Top Sports Bra Black Clutch Via Harpers Bazaar
Photo via: Harper's Bazaar

Track suits are sprouting up everywhere and what better go-to than the classic Adidas version? We absolutely adore how this street style star spotted at Australia fashion week rocks hers with edgy mirrored cat-eye sunglasses, a small clutch and a sexy sheer black top underneath. Winning!

Get the look:
+ Marc Jacobs Mirrored Sunglasses
+ Adidas Originals Supergirl Track Top
+ Alala All Day Mesh Jersey
+ Splits59 Loren Seamless Bra
+ Adidas Originals Supergirl Track Pants


  1. Great!

  2. Loving the track suit.



  3. is the mesh jersey suitable for heavy cardio workouts ?

  4. I absolutely adore this sporty trend!
    I would love a Adidas track suit in green myself!


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  9. Wow! This looks so hot! I would love to have a workout gear like this. You can wear it while running, while chilling or even when you are hanging out with your friends. I so very much love the idea of comfort and fashion now-a-days.


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