Add A Ruffled Collar To Any Look With This Genius Bib

Le Fashion Blog Fall Style Layers Blonde Grey Sweater Pale Blue Ruffled Collared Bib Via ASOS
Le Fashion Blog Fall Style Sleeveless Light Blue Ruffled Collared Bib Via ASOS
Photos via: ASOS

Add an interesting detail to any top with this genius ruffled collared bib. Since it layers right underneath without any sleeves involved, you can avoid getting overheated as most of us do when we double up on layers for the cold-weather months.

Get the look:
+ ASOS Ruffle Neck Knit Bib
+ Willow And Paige Relaxed Sweater


  1. Love it!


  2. I adore the neck of this top so much! Looks lovely!

    Mireia from TGL

  3. Very cool invention! Thanks for the share, will have to try this out!

  4. Not new. They're called "dickies". But they are cuter and prettier than they used to be.

  5. What a beautiful color! This light blue collar is totally sweet!

    Love, Fa
    Personal Style Blog FATIMAYARIE.COM

  6. I'm not personally a fan of this look but it is certainly clever.

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