We're Finding Serious Inspiration In This Editor's Minimalistic Look

Le Fashion Blog Minimal Summer Look White T Shirt Denim Midi Split Skirt Plastic Bag Slide On Mule Sandals Via @Laurencaruso_
Photo via: @laurencaruso

Minimalism doesn't have to be boring, even in the day and age of oversized prints and larger than life volumes. For Lauren Caruso, super editor and basically, a style icon, minimalism is part of her everyday wardrobe. But, it has a twist. All of her outfits include a standout piece, which makes the monochromatic and staple color tones ten times more lively, and ten times chicer. On Instagram, she posted a shot of her in a simple t-shirt, the plastic bamboo-handled bag of now, a side-split denim skirt and slides. See? Not boring at all.