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25 Gifts For The Beauty Lover in Your Life

25 Best Beauty Gifts
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It's the peak of the holiday season, and we all know what that means; prime gift-buying time. This year we'll do anything to feel an ounce of normalcy, and it's why many women have pivoted to purchasing beauty products and home decor instead of high heels and outerwear. For the beauty lover in your life, look to our curated below guide for the best in mascaras, gift sets, perfume kits, and more.


The Best Calming Face Masks for Irritated Skin

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When you think of face face masks these days, you think of the nationally mandated face-covering built to protect you from germs. Remember when face masks were just about your skin? Same. Face coverings can cause the skin to act up, as we're all seeing #maskne trending on Instagram. It's important to calm the skin down whether for your own sanity or for comfort's sake. Ahead, we round up the best calming face masks for your skin during these strange, trying times.


25 Anti-Stress Products to Utilize Now

25 Anti-Stress Products to Utilize Now
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There's a lot going on in the world right, so much that it can take a toll on your mental health, spirt, and daily happiness. While at home, it's important to rest, recharge, and refresh every day. From bath soaks and bombs to lavender candles and diffusers, these are the 25 anti-stress products we've found for a more peaceful night's sleep and focused determined mind.


25 Must-Have Skincare Masks to Keep You Sane Indoors

15 Must-Have Skincare Masks To Keep You Sane Indoors
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With times like these, looking to self-care and skincare is our only option. Not only are we cooking more nutritious food but we're also taking the time to mask our hair and our faces. Keep stress away, lock moisture in, and soothe under-eye stress with these 25 must-have face masks. Your skin will thank you.


25 Highlighters and Illuminators Beauty Insiders Swear By

25 Highlighters and Illuminators Beauty Insiders Swear By
Photo via: Into The Gloss

The best way to achieve gorgeous, glowing skin is by keeping a highlighter or illuminator handy in your makeup bag. Beauty editors and other insiders swear by them to give the skin a healthy sheen or shine that brightens up the face which can instantly make you look more awake. We've rounded up the best of the best below.


I May Be a Fashion Editor, But I Love Skincare Products

Here's How A Fashion Editor Handles Their Beauty Routine

Here's How A Fashion Editor Handles Their Beauty Routine
Photos via: Into The Gloss

There's one skincare goal I think we can all agree on––the quest for glowing, healthy skin. I may take my skincare a little too seriously, but since I'm perpetually on the hunt for the newest game-changing products why not share the findings? I've included a combination of tools, moisturizers, serums, and more to help you achieve a bright and dewy complexion. Find a combination that works for you, below!


The Most Hydrating Face Washes To Add Into Your Daily Routine

Le Fashion Blog Update Your Skincare Hydrating Washes Via Song Of Style
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Besides stretching, an early morning run or a large mug of coffee, a good cleansing session is one the most relaxing, pleasing and necessary part of a daily skincare routine. Prepping the canvas (hint: your skin) for sunscreen, hyaluronic serums, and makeup is vital. With summer officially here, the time is now to switch to a face wash that'll hydrate, revitalize and prepare you for a humid, sweltering day. Whether your skin is dry, oily, or a combination, here are a few of the best hydrating face washes to keep you looking as if it's not the peak of summer outside.

ps- It's Amazon Prime Day! The site carries many of your favorite skincare products.


The Best Overnight Masks For Beautiful Skin

Le Fashion Blog The Best Overnight Skin Masks Healthy Skin Via Harper And Harley
Photo via: Harper & Harley

We all adore makeup but makeup looks ten times better on healthy skin. Sleep is your skins opportunity to renew itself from harsh day to day impacts. A sleep mask combines vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and hydrating ingredients to strengthen skin while you slumber. All you have to do is apply, shut your eyes and wake up refreshed. See nine of the best below.


The Best Anti-Aging Skin Products Right Now

Le Fashion Blog The Best Anti Aging Skin Care Products Right Now Via Natalie Off Duty
Photo via: Natalie Off Duty

In order to achieve the glowing, dewy makeup looks you want, you have to work on the skin first. Skincare is the foundation for all that is beauty and self-care. There are always a ton of products out, so we've made life easier for you. Check out these top rated, must-have anti-aging products below...


Everything You Need To Master Barely-There Makeup

How To Do Barely There Makeup Eyebrows Brows Lashes Blush Glow Clear Skin Le Fashion Blog
How To Do Barely There Makeup Eyebrows Brows Lashes Mascara Blush Glow Clear Skin Le Fashion Blog
Photos via: Amalia Zadro

We're always striving to achieve a beauty look that keeps you looking fresh-faced, as though you have no makeup on at all. This is perfect for running errands and other low-key plans. Think clear-looking skin, groomed brows, simple lashes, and a touch of cheek color.

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The 7 Products You'll Need For A Summer Weekend Trip

Le Fashion Blog 7 Beauty Products For Summer Vacation Via Margo And Me
Photo via: Margo and Me

When it comes to summer beauty, you may think a simple spf will suffice. But during warmer weather, skin has more opportunity to become clogged, oily and damaged. If you're headed for a weekend vacation this season, you may want to pack lightly and that means the few items you do bring with you need to offer just a bit more. From sea salt spray to enriching face oil, check out these 7 products to bring on your next getaway.

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6 Of The Best Charcoal Face Washes

Le Fashion Blog 6 Charcoal Face Masks That Work The Best Via Harper And Harley
Photos via: Harper and Harley

Activated charcoal literally sucks the gunk out of your skin, as gross as that sounds, it's totally necessary. It's an amazing ingredient for all of our oil prone, acne-gathering skin. Not all charcoal products act the same, though, and we're here to tell you 6 of the best ones.

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15 Blushes Beauty-Insiders Swear By

Photo via: Elle Canada

Winter tends to make our skin dull, but thankfully blush is an easy way to bring your complexion back to life. We've put together 15 of the best blushes to try now.

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8 Gifts To Give The Skincare Lover In Your Life

Le Fashion Blog Best Skincare Products To Give Via Harper And Harley
Photos via: Harper and Harley

We have those friends and family members who adore a new pajama set for a birthday present, or maybe a subscription to their favorite magazine or even workout gear to get the new year started right. But what about those that are obsessed with skincare? With all the new products constantly being advertised, it's hard to tell which skincare system to go for. Never fear! Here are 8 of the best skincare products on the market right now for gifting beyond Christmas.

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The 8 Best Drugstore Foundations For A Natural Glow

Le Fashion Blog 8 Best Drugstore Foundations For A Natural Glow Via Harper And Harley
Photo via: Harper and Harley

Most of us don't wake up with dewy, glowing skin but there are ways to achieve that with makeup. The natural glow Look is hard to master without appearing greasy or looking overdone, however there are foundations that are made just for that reason. Check out these 8 drugstore brands (yes, affordable!) that you can get from any local store. Glow on. 

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15 Acne-Fighting Products Beauty Editors Love

Photo via: Glossier

Keep those unwanted blemishes at bay and even help heal past ones with these trusted acne-fighting beauty products. You'll feel better about your skin in no time.


5 Sheet Masks To Achieve Poreless Skin

Le Fashion Blog The Best Sheet Masks To Buy For Perfect Skin Via Harper And Harley
Photo via: Harper and Harley

In order to achieve the ideal luminous, poreless complexion, many have been diving into the world of sheet masks. It hydrates, brightens and smooths the skin and that's something we can't pass up. I rounded up the 5 most loved sheet mask products you can find. Get ready to go poreless.

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5 Skin Serums That Bloggers Love

Le Fashion Blog The Best Sworn By Serums To Try Beauty Shopping Via Harper And Harley
Photo via: Harper and Harley

The first step to any beauty routine is a skincare routine. Serums are a major part of skincare. They target specific areas on the face by directly pushing the ingredients into the skin. According to some top fashion and beauty bloggers, these 5 serums are the key to glowing, healthy skin.

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15 Of The Most Effective Face Oils

Le Fashion Blog Beauty Glowing Skin Gisele Bundchen Bun White Coat Blue Sweater Tee Via Vogue
Photo via: Vogue

One of the best ways to get glowing skin is with an effective face oil. There are some great options that help with cleansing, purifying, moisturizing, and most importantly, helping keep those wrinkles at bay. Shop our top 15 picks below...


11 Beauty Products To Use Before Bed

Le Fashion Blog 13 Facial Products To Use Before Bed Via Harper And Harley
Photo via: Harper and Harley

Apply makeup. Wash. Remove. Repeat. There's an important step to glowing, radiant skin that mustn't be forgotten: the before bed and overnight beauty routine. We've rounded up the best overnight products that'll make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated every single morning.

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