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How to Spice Up a Sweatsuit Outfit

How To Style A Sweatsuit Winter Outfit Idea
Photo via: @chanelmckinsie

There's something I'm happy about when it comes to the current state of dressing, and that's that we have fully embraced comfort into our daily lives—hello sweatsuits. Gone are the days of high heels and tight denim — we've all pivoted to the coziness of loungewear and oversized sweaters, paired with chunky sneakers and long socks. What a time. Ahead, get all the pieces you'll need to complete this casual yet cool ensemble from Chanel herself.


25 Graphic Sweatshirts to Wear Inside and Outside

25 Best Graphic Logo Sweatshirts
Photo via: @deanaduka

Sportswear companies are having a serious moment, with athleisure pieces like matching sets, graphic sweatshirts, and tees being the main focus of dressing these days. We've pivoted from high-rise denim to cozy sweatsuits that still look cute broadcasted over Zoom. We scoured the web for the coolest graphic sweatshirts and hoodies to wear with leggings, sweats, and flowy trousers. Ahead, 25 options that pack the greatest punch.


#WFH: This Outfit Makes Me Want to Live in Sweats

Photo via: @jacquiealexander

Now that we're mostly working from home, and slowly venturing out for coffee dates and relaxing afternoon strolls in the park, there's nothing better than a cozy outfit. Gone are the days when you need heels to look cute; Instagram has proved that. Jacquie posted a cozy cool-girl outfit I want to wear for the rest of the year. Pair your cream-colored sweatsuit (which can be found at a variety of retailers) with chunky sneakers, add a tote and you're ready for everything.


I've Been Wearing This Exact Outfit on Repeat During Lockdown

I've Been Wearing This Exact Outfit On Repeat During Lockdown
Photo via: @deanaduka

There's something about a comfortable, but cute, ensemble you just can't beat. While on lockdown (and on my own personal social distancing rules) I've been making it a point to get dressed every day, even just to walk the dog. My favorite go-to look as of late; the ribbed tank and baggy sweat shorts, both '90s-inspired. Wear yours with a pair of chunky white dad sneakers to get the full look.